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Professional Liability — Malpractice Insurance for Chiropractors

Professional Liability insurance, also called Malpractice insurance, provides legal coverage for disputes arising from professional services. If a lawsuit is filed, the insurance company will provide a legal defense and pay the settlement or court-ordered award.

PFSI specializes in offering robust professional liability insurance to Physicians and Medical Professionals. We work with the highest quality doctor-owned carriers because they have a priority to the industry and not to stockholders. We have been insuring Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Washington and Wyoming Medical Professionals since 1999.

PFSI only works with carriers that represent our company culture. We pride ourselves on customer service and that is what sets us apart from other agents. We truly care about you and your practice.

As an organization founded, owned, and led by physicians, The Doctors Company is closely aligned with the medical profession. They identify emerging risks and deliver innovative coverage solutions. When it comes to protecting your name, your livelihood, and your reputation, TDC is your most powerful ally.

Medical Malpractice Coverage for Chiropractors

TDC is the nation’s largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurer. Their medical malpractice program, which protects 79,000 physicians, surgeons and chiropractors nationwide, offers our members unique features—including MediGuard®, CyberGuard®, and the Tribute® Plan, their breakthrough financial benefit—that strengthen the practice of medicine while making it more rewarding.

Free tail coverage—For members who have been insured by The Doctors Company for five continuous years, TDC offers free tail coverage upon retirement from the practice of medicine or in the event of disability or death.


TDC automatically provides MediGuard coverage as part of their medical malpractice policy. This important coverage provides you with legal representation for administrative actions brought by Medicare/Medicaid, medical licensing boards, credentialing reviews and actions, professional review organizations, federal agencies regarding EMTALA, and the DEA.

Tribute Plan

The Tribute® Plan is an unrivaled financial benefit that rewards you for your loyalty to The Doctors Company and for your dedication to superior patient care. It is based on the fundamental principle that by working together to promote patient safety and keep claims low, we all win.


Privacy and data security exposure is the fastest growing threat to your medical practice. As a member, you receive cyber liability protection as part of your core coverage. CyberGuard protects you against claims arising from the theft, loss, or accidental transmission of electronic patient information, as well as regulatory fines and penalties, and the cost of data recovery.

DisclosureGuard for all Specialties

As a member of The Doctors Company it is of the utmost importance to protect you, therefore they have a patient mitigation policy built into your insurance. In an effort to maintain the physician-patient relationship when a less than optimal medical event occurs TDC will provide you with the following:

Coverage for Large Groups

The Doctors Company is the nation’s leader in offering medical malpractice coverage—and peace of mind—to even the largest multispecialty, multistate groups of doctors. Their finely calibrated risk profiles and flexible insurance solutions can help your group ensure that its unique risks are covered responsibly. TDC’s dedicated patient safety specialists will partner with your group to create a personalized service plan.

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We work for you, not the carrier, and are committed to finding you the best insurance policies for your specialized needs.

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We work for you, not the carrier, and are committed to finding you the best insurance policies for your specialized needs.

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