Individual Health, Dental & Accident

PFSI recognizes that not everyone receives insurance coverage through an employer, especially small business owners.

We offer competitive health insurance plans through all major insurers. Some of these include dental add-on coverage. With so many changes to the individual health insurance market, you need an advocate that can help you understand the rules and carefully evaluate your options. We also provide accident plans that reimburse your costs in case of a major accident.

Individual Health

An individual health plan provides coverage for you and your family (if applicable) to cover all or a part of your health care provided by doctors and hospitals. PFSI offers you competitive choices between traditional co-pay plans and high-deductible plans with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). We can also help you understand your subsidy eligibility and guide you through the process to receive these advance tax credits to reduce the cost of your insurance.

Since the implementation of the ACA in 2014 we have seen many negative changes in the individual health insurance market. Another fact you may have not been aware that has occurred, Broker compensation has been significantly cut or eliminated entirely by carriers. With that being said, we have solutions in place to help you through this process. Below is a link that provides quotes from multiple carriers. Here you can compare the available plans and pricing of those plans. We have also attached a PDF guide on how to quote your self. This guide outlines how to use the online quoting system. If you still need additional assistance, we will be scheduling 30-minute meetings and 15-minute phone consultations. The links to sign up for those are located below.

How to quote yourself

Guide to Self Quoting

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We will be scheduling 30 minute phone consultations beginning in November for clients who have questions regarding their renewal or enrollment options. Click the links below to schedule your 30 minute meeting with a health professional.

For additional information on plans, carrieres and subsidies, please see below.

  • Kaiser
  • Customer support number: 1 1-888-874-1620

    For emial support plase visit Contact Us

    For provider/doctor lookups please click here

    For pharmacy formulary look ups please visit click here

  • Anthem
  • Customer support number: (855) 874-6130

    For emial support plase visit Contact Us to see your states email.

    For provider/doctor lookups please click here

  • Bright Health
  • Customer support number: 844-426-4086

    For support based on your State plase visit Contact Us to see your states customer support details.

    For doctor, hospital, and pharmacy lookups please click here

  • Cigna
  • Customer support number: 1 (800) 997-1654

    For emial support plase visit Contact Us

    For provider/doctor lookups please click here

    For pharmacy formulary look ups please visit click here

Co-Pay Plans generally provide benefits before deductible for office visits, ER, Urgent Care, or prescriptions via small co-pays by the insured. These plans usually have lower deductibles for hospital services, diagnostic or facility charges, and co-insurance or patient-sharing after deductible. Generally, these plans have a Maximum Out-of-Pocket (MAX OOP) cost from $2,000-$6,600 per person per year.

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HSA Plans (Qualified High-Deductible Plans) meet the HSA requirements and allow an insured to contribute before-tax dollars to an HSA bank account (medical IRA). These plans generally provide preventive care before deductible but all other types of claims go toward a higher-deductible lower-premium plan. Claims are paid by the insured from the HSA account until the deductible is met. Generally, these plans provide 100 percent benefit after the deductible and they have a MAX OOP from $6,750 individual to $13,500 family.

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Some of our carriers offer add-on dental coverage, which provides benefits for routine exams, cleanings, and other services. Ask us if you're interested in this coverage.

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While a high-deductible plan with an HSA makes premiums more affordable, it also shifts responsibility for a large portion of health care costs to you. An accident plan can help cover some of those costs if the unthinkable happens.

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