Program Highlights

Since this product is being offered on a group basis to our clients, we can offer broader coverage at a lower price than what our competitors (or most insurance agents) can typically secure for you.

For example, here are some highlights:

  • Defense costs are in addition to the limit of liability.
  • A broader definition of who is an insured under the policy.
  • Only a short, summary application to apply.
  • Domestic partner coverage included.
  • Automatic coverage for 30 days on a drop-down basis for non-owned autos, watercraft & recreational vehicles.
  • Higher cut-off for automatic coverage for Home-Based businesses – Up to $25K in gross annual receipts versus $10K for our competitors.
  • $1M of Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Coverage standard in every policy.
  • Youthful drivers covered at no additional charge.
  • Coverage for bodily injury, personal injury and property damage liability for services (but not legal services) on a non-profit board. Officers may receive pay – so long as it is not for legal work.
  • Second homes are covered at no additional charge.
  • Unlike the competition, we offer coverage limits of $1M through $10M.
  • And, finally, we include up to $25K of Excess Identity Theft coverage as well.