Professional Liability — Malpractice Insurance
for Oral Surgeons

With an increasing number of dental hygienists being named as co-defendants in malpractice suits, it is becoming more important now to ensure you have the right protection. Don’t wait to find out later that your employer’s coverage does not provide adequate coverage. By purchasing your own Professional Liability coverage, you protect your personal savings and future earnings from potential claims of alleged malpractice

Why Do You Need Your Own Professional Liability Insurance?

  • Your employer’s claims made insurance may not cover suits filed after your terminated your employment
  • Your employer’s policy limits may not be enough to cover you and your co-workers
  • Your employer’s coverage may not include lost wage reimbursement or licensing board hearing reimbursement
  • Your employer’s coverage may not extend outside of the workplace, such as volunteer, moonlighting or self-employed activities.

Limits available from:

  • $100,000/$300,000
  • $250,000/$500,000
  • 250,000/$750,000
  • $500,000/$500,000
  • $1,000,000/$1,000,000
  • $1,000,000/$2,000,000
  • $1,000,000/$3,000,000


  • Deductibles from $0 to $25,000
  • Rates range from $50 to $248.
  • Application process is less than 5 minutes

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