The Doctors Company

The Doctors Company is an organization founded and led by doctors. They are closely aligned with all medical and dental professions and it shows in the quality of their coverage. TDC works with members to deliver affordable coverage solutions that protect the members name, livelihood, and reputation. TDC is your most powerful ally and will never settle a claim without your consent, where permitted by law.

With 78,000 members nationwide, TDC is committed to supporting the practice of good dentistry with national resources and local clout.

TDC provides their members with unique features—including MediGuard®, CyberGuard®, and the Tribute® Plan, a breakthrough financial benefit that strengthens the practice of medicine while making it more rewarding.

MediGuard CyberGuard Tribute

Unsurpassed coverage options

We offer coverage for dental assistants and hygienists at no additional cost, and coverage is available for all dental specialties.

Premium discounts

Available for part-time practitioners and those new to practice.

Balance Accumulation

At policy inception, members receive an initial amount of loyalty pool funding based on a percentage of the premium for that policy year as approved by The Doctors Company board. Award balances grow through additional years’ funding declarations authorized by The Doctors Company board.

Patient safety and risk management

Our commitment extends to delivering the support you need to maximize patient care, including complimentary CME and CE opportunities, online resources, and a 24/7 member hotline.

Free tail coverage

For members who have been insured by The Doctors Company for one year, they offer free tail coverage upon retirement from the practice of dentistry or in the event of disability or death.

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