Options & Features

Waiting Period

This is the period of time you need to be "disabled" prior to benefits beginning. The waiting period is like a deductible. This period is generally 90 to 180 days. Keep in mind the first benefit will arrive about 30 to 45 days after the waiting period.

Residual or Partial Benefits

Generally you do not have to be totally disabled to receive benefits. You need only to have a loss of income and/or not be able to work as many hours or perform some of the duties of your occupation. The Residual Benefit is a very important part of a contract. Most disabilities are not total, and even if they start out as total disability, most of the time there will be some residual benefits when returning to work.

Exclusions or Limitations in some policies:

  • Mental/nervous or substance abuse
  • Disabilities that do not require the "regular care" of a physician
  • Self-inflicted injury
  • Disabled while attempting of a crime
  • Gunshot (unless by another person)
  • Disabled while riding in an aircraft being used for training or testing
  • Illegal activities
  • Pregnancy

Optional Riders or Features:

  • Graded/Step Premiums vs. Level Premiums
  • Social Security Integration
  • COLA - Cost of Living Adjustment
  • Lifetime Benefit vs. Age 65
  • Refund/Return of Premium (ROP)
  • Future Increase Option

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