Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Insurance

Heres how the process works:

  • Take your pet for treatment
  • Pay your vet bill
  • Submit a claim to get reimbursed

Your insurance can be used for treatment at any veterinary clinic in the U.S. or Canada, including treatment from specialists and emergency care facilities

You will be reimbursed up to 90, 80, or 70% of your vet bill, depending on the reimbursement percentage you select.

You can have reimbursements directly deposited into your bank account or receive them as checks in the mail

We work hard to process your claims and reimburse you as quickly as possible. On average, it takes 14-16 business days to completely process claim

You can choose a deductible of $100, $250, or $500. Our deductible is annual, so after you meet the deductible amount you select you won't have to satisfy it again until your next 12-month plan period.

You do not have to satisfy your deductible before you can be reimbursed for preventive care if you add preventive coverage to your plan.

Yes. You can enroll multiple pets at one time or add pets later. Every pet will have an individual policy and premium. You'll get a 10% discount on the base plan premium for each additional pet you insure with us.

You can choose to b billed monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. Payment will be due on the day of the month that your plan became effective. No matter which billing frequency you select, payments can be made online or through automatic bill pay with your checking account.

We will never cancel or downgrade your pet's coverage because of old age or health. You will see an increase in your premium as your pet gets older.