Home, Auto, & Umbrella Coverage

In keeping with our goal of being One Agency for All Your Needs, PFSI offers coverage for your home, auto and personal liability (also known as umbrella coverage). Many of our clients find it easier to have all their insurance coverages with one broker who can work to find the best deals and discounts for them.

Home & Auto Application

We can evaluate your current coverages to ensure you are getting the best personal coverage for the lowest cost.

We work with carriers that offer:

  • Guaranteed or Extended Replacement cost on your home
  • Replacement cost on the contents of your home
  • Blanket Coverage for your property
  • Primary and secondary residences on one policy
  • Water damage coverage
  • High underlying limits on valuable items
  • Ordinance & Law coverage
  • Additionally, we offer renters (or contents coverage) and flood insurance

PFSI works with several major carriers to provide homeowners insurance (also called hazard insurance), which protects you against losses to your house and its contents, as well as coverage in case an accident happens in your home or on your property.

If you own a car, you need auto insurance. PFSI works with major carriers to find the best deal for you. Some of our carriers allow you to bundle your auto insurance with your homeowners coverage, known as a package policy, for even-greater discounts.

Umbrella coverage provides extra liability coverage beyond your home or auto insurance. This coverage protects you if you are sued for damages over the amount of your other policy limits, such as might occur after an accident. Generally, an umbrella can be added to your existing home or auto policy, increasing your coverage and reducing your liability exposure.

Learn More and Apply

Existing clients with Fortress or OMSNIC professional liability insurance are eligible for Group Personal Excess Liability insurance from Chubb Insurance Company at free or reduced rates.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you find the right personal home, auto or umbrella coverage for you!

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