"Trump’s executive order instructs Labor to set table for Open MEPs"

Sep 06, 2018

An MEP, also known as an Open Multiple Employment Plan is a 401k pension plan. An MEP is maintained by 2 or more employers and allows businesses to invest more money while utilizing the advantages that come with larger investments. Over the years these plans have seen an increase in regulation and restrictions. Some of these restrictions include a "commonality rule" that required employers to "share a commonality, or a nexus, such as membership in a trade group, to gain the full benefits of MEPs." Another rule that has added a lot of pressure to employers is the "bad apple rule that "subjects MEPs to disqualification if one participating employer fails to meet administrative requirements." President Donald Trump has recently signed an executive order that will attempt to loosen the current restrictions on MEP's. He has targeted the two rules above in order to grant employers more freedom with their investments.

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