Partially Self-Funded Medical Plans Provide New Options for Small Employers

Sep 01, 2017  Health Insurance  Small Business  Group Health

As the medical insurance marketplace continues to change to conform to the Affordable Care Act small employers have been placed into more and more difficult circumstances in offering medical insurance benefits to their employees. Pricing for small group medicals plans has continued to climb and is expected to rise again as small employers renew their existing plans in 2014.

Unfortunately for many small employers they are faced with a choice of significantly increasing the employer contribution for medical insurance, pass along a larger out-of-pocket cost for premiums to their employees, or simply discontinue offering medical insurance benefits altogether and hope their employees can find acceptable options in the individual insurance marketplaces. Before making these difficult decisions you need to discuss all of your benefit options with the experts at Professional Financial Specialists, Inc.

Professional Financial Specialists, Inc., have been providing medical insurance benefits consultation and analysis for almost 30 years in the Denver-Boulder area. We know how the ADA has changed the marketplace for small employers and can provide a complete analysis of your specific situation and help you explore all of your options.

There are many new products and alternatives for small group medical insurance that you may not be aware of such as self-funded and partially self-funded plans that can work for groups as small as 10 employees. Health savings accounts, flexible spending plans, health reimbursement accounts, supplemental and ancillary products, we can provide a detailed analysis for every need. We’ve helped many small employers maximize their benefit dollars to fit their budgets and we can help you too.

Call us today at 303-444-1234 and see how we can help you find the best benefit plans to your specific needs.